Casino High Roller - What to Look For when Playing Online

Casino High Roller – What to Look For when Playing Online

A Casino high roller is usually taken into high consideration by most casinos and they get a lot of perks and benefits, just check out this article by the NY Post to see what I mean. The good news is that it’s no different when playing at online casinos.

Being a high roller could be really satisfying if you pick the ideal online gambling establishment. One such online casino which gives a lot of benefits to high roller players is Casino Red.

The Perks of signing up as a Casino High Roller

Online gambling enterprises that appreciate their high rollers are prepared to invite them to play with unique rewards. After all the casinos need to thanks them in some way for the large amounts they bet on their games.

They do this by customizing various bonus offers specifically for the high roller.

As a high roller, I sometimes make considerably large deposits and therefore it is easy for me to get some form of special reward and entice me to play as often as possible at the same online casino.

So a casino that knows how to treat its high roller well and at the same time offers all the best games and choices will definitely make my list of playing spots. That is why a casino like Casino Red is so much better when compared to other online casinos because the cater for my specific needs instead of offering me the standard bonuses.

When you register with Online casinos that have specific VIP Programs for high rollers you will be entitled to various benefits like;

  • Better Deposit Bonuses
  • Free Money on Account
  • Faster Withdrawal Process
  • Dedicated VIP Manager offering individual attention
  • Various Gifts and Rewards such as free event tickets, trips abroad and other prezzies

We would certainly suggest signing up with on-line casino sites that have VIP programs and which are not scared by high rollers.

Pay Close Attention to Table Limits

Well, high rollers have to pay special attention to table limitations since they are critical when it comes to the wagering allowance they will certainly have at a certain online casino.

Casinos which cater for high roller players will generally have dedicated high roller tables. For example, if the standard European Blackjack game approves wagers from $2 to $50, the high roller table would allow players to wager between $100 and $2,000, for example.

Capitalize on Deposits and Withdrawal Advantages for High Rollers

Deposit and Withdrawal options and benefits will undoubtedly be  among the largest advantages high-stakes gamblers could obtain if they sign up with the best online casinos.

Deposit limitations on certain casinos is frequently a problem for gamblers that would like to have fun with huge bankrolls yet are unable to transfer greater than $5,000 each day, for example.

The High Roller must therefore ensure that the online casino he or she chooses is one that will make exemptions to this deposit rule for them and more importantly will bend the rules when it comes to withdrawing winnings.

Many online casinos will have withdrawal limits, however the more serious casinos will have special arrangements with their VIP players that allow them to withdraw their winnings even though these may be higher than the standard withdrawal limit. The really good ones will also cover the withdrawal charges themselves.

Another important aspect to take into consideration is the time it takes for withdrawals to be processed. In general the good casinos will always effect withdrawals within 24 hours, as long as all documentation is on file. With High rollers, however even 24 hours can be too much.

In this case these online casinos, thanks to their VIP managers will ensure that large withdrawals by the High Rollers are processed even quicker sometimes within 12 hours.

It is easy to see therefore that as a High Roller you must also take deposit and withdrawal procedures into consideration before depositing and playing on online casinos.

Sign up with a casino site that will certainly be happy to accelerate the procedure without any problems.

Register at Online casinos that offer Individual VIP Support

Finally, focus on the individual account supervisors you could obtain as well as their significance. If you have any type of concern or inquiry your account supervisor is right there to help you.

You should feel, literally, like a VIP and this is part of the great experience and satisfaction you get when you play with these casinos as a high Roller. Absolutely nothing really feels much better compared to recognizing that.

You’ll get the same VIP treatment as they offer to High Rollers in Las Vegas, something like this..


As a VIP member you should obtain a designated individual as your account manager that will give you 5 star personal support and reacts immediately to any of your requirements through real-time conversation by chat, email or phone.

In time, if you play often within the same online casino, the VIP manager will get as close as you are comfortable to let him in. Even accompanying you on trips offered by the casino and making sure to satisfy all your casino related requirements as best as possible to keep you happy. They will also get to know you well enough to anticipate your needs before even asking for them.

This kind of service will make your casino experience priceless and you will find yourself not wanting to play at any other online casinos. This is the ultimate experience for High Roller players since you will get all your gambling needs from the same place.​